Li-ion battery pack automatic productionline solution


Li-ion battery pack automatic productionline solution

Nebula provides the Li-ion battery packautomatic production line solution basing on the test system and MES.

The production line integrates the testers,automatic equipment and MES.

Not only providing the automatic equipmentto help clients increase the production efficiency and reduce the manualeffect, but also Nebula integrates the testers and MES to supervise theproducts manufacturing information. The data can be tracked for quality control.

As for automatic production career, Nebulais capable to provide the cylindrical/ polymer/prismatic battery automaticproduction line.

Cylindrical and prismatic battery:

1. Cell sorting automaticproduction line

2. Cell-battery block automaticproduction line

3. Block-module automaticproduction line

4. Module-pack automaticproduction line


Polymer battery:

1. cell sorting automaticproduction line

2. battery module automaticproduction line

3. battery pack automaticproduction line