Battery pack EOL tester


Power battery pack EOL test system is designed for high power Li-ion battery. Verify all the possible faults and safety problems happened during the battery pack assembly process.Capable to communicate with the MES. All the test results will be saved in MES and local file.


System features

1. Data acquisition and monitor

2. Verify the fault mechanism and its response

3. High/low voltage electric connection test

4. Power rate cycle performance test

5. Exchange data with BMU through CAN

6. Insulation and voltage withstand performance test

7. Improve test efficiency

8. Easy to operate

9. Available to various test solutions

10. Perfect heat dissipation

Battery pack EOL tester.pdf

Product description

 Regular test items:

 1. Pack voltage                    

 12. IR check while heating box                        
 2. ACIR 13. Draught fan for heat dissipation
 3. Cell voltage difference 14. Sampling accuracy check
 4. DCIR 15. Ignition signal check
 5. Capacity sorting 16. Low-voltage power supply check
 6. Pulse performance 17. Charging state check
 7. Balance Voltage difference     18. Fault mechanism check
 8. Communication check 19. SOC demarcate check
 9. Total voltage check 20. Shell insulation and withstand voltage check
 10. Temperature check 21. Connector insulation and withstand voltage check    

 11. Programming

 22. BMU communication check
 The following items last quiet long and would be optional:
 1. Specific power
 2. Specific energy
 3. Capacity test