Battery pack BMS tester


Apply to the BMS performance and HILL test of new energy vehicle &energy storage battery. Test the BMS power dissipation; work as a battery simulator to test the BMS output under various conditions. To test whether the BMS could work well or not.


System features

1. Compatible with multiple CAN communication protocol

2. Available to import DBC files

3. High accuracy, stable, modular design

4. Scripted programming, easy to define the test solution for customers

5. Test results will be saved

Battery pack BMS tester.pdf

Product description

Test items:
1. Battery cell balance
2. CANBUS communication test
3. Voltage and temperature accuracy
4. Simulate various false conditions: over-voltage, over-temperature by charging or discharging, under-voltage, over-current by charging or discharging, short circuit by discharge
5. Insulation function
6. Digital output & input
7. PWM output & input
8. GB charging interface
9. GB fast-charging and slow-charging

1. Battery simulator:20S ( parallel to 240s), 5A/5V
2. Constant voltage supply: 750V
3. Current supply:400A
4. Communication protocol: CAN, 232,485
5. Insulation resistance simulation: 2 channels
6. CAN-BUS interface: 4
7. PWM output/input: 2/3 channel
8. DI/DO: 8 channels



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